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Kist by Two

[Includes Two Norlan Whisky Glasses] $275.00

[Includes Two Norlan Whisky Glasses] $275.00 USD

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A ceremonial box, for a ritual pleasure.


The Kist is meticulously handcrafted and features a series of faceted edges and details which relate to those found on the Norlan Whisky Glass. Inside, a dusty white, custom die-cut leather container serves to hold the glasses like a diamond holding sunlight. The flat, removable lid is held in place with blackened rare-earth magnets, safely concealing the inverted glasses in their respective silos.


Care & Notes

  • Includes two Norlan Whisky Glasses (clear edition)
  • Dimensions: 273 mm long x 165 mm wide x 133 mm high
  • Weight: 2.2 kg (without glasses)
  • Faceted solid European Oak with magnetic closures
  • Finished in black spirit based stain with satin polyurethane lacquer topcoat
  • Moisture resistant MDF "shelf" with die-stamped ECCO leather lining
  • ECCO leather lined base to protect glass rim
  • Ships in a brushed twill drawstring dust bag. 
  • Case made in the Czech Republic
  • Designed by Sruli Recht

  • Clean with a nonabrasive dust cloth.
  • European Oak displays a beautiful grain with many variations. Each Kist will naturally vary from the images shown.
  • Leather is a natural material and therefore is subject to irregularities and variances. This is a part of the material and adds to its uniqueness.
  • Please note production version may differ slightly from images shown.

The Backstory

Kist is a beautiful word. It is an old word, from a time before whisky. A time of mist, and voyages, and large things as yet unnamed. It came to Scandinavian Scotland by way of the Norse Vikings, who referred to the very northern point of Scotland as the Sutherland, the south lands of the Norse world. This is where our name Norlan comes from, the fields and waters where the Norse and the Scotts collided.

At that time Kist translated to a box or coffer, a keeper of precious things. Over the centuries, the meaning of kist has since evolved, like all things do from memory and spoken word, but its spirit lives on in our creation of a singular repository for the Norlan Glass.

The story of our Kist, your keeper of precious things, follows a similar narrative to the word itself—involving voyage over great distances of land and sea. Over two years ago, when the Kist was only a vision, our designer traveled from Iceland to meet the Scottish woodworkers Method Studio of Blackness near the Castle of Firth and Forth. A collision of culture and skills, with a particular blend of heritage craft and digital nuance, ensued, and the limited edition Kist for eight Norlan Glasses was born. We offered this edition during our Kickstarter campaign and briefly thereafter. 

Following this release, our Kist evolved still further (as objects in the service of women and men sometimes do) with new designs to accommodate two and four glasses. With these designs, we embarked on a yearlong journey to develop and fabricate with a new partner, the smaller, though no less considered, production editions we offer here.